Written Guarantee

7 Year Guarantee

The PourAglaze Guarantee is your peace of mind and our assurance to you. Since all the work we do is backed by the highest quality products. And the best possible workmanship. It should be clear that there are no hidden clauses or deceptive intent. Written in plain english.

Common sense Guarantee

Your new PourAglaze surface needs a full 24 hours at 25ÂșC to cure. And longer in colder temperatures. Please note that the surface needs to be hard enough, so that it will not mark with your fingernail before it is ready to use. Also the doors and windows need to be kept shut during the first 24 hours. And no one to enter therein. In order to prevent any dust, water or other mater from falling in to new surface.

Once fully cured the surface is ready to be used. But leaving it longer allows the PourAglaze resin to harden further. And can be beneficial in a high traffic environment. This Guarantee is valid for 7 years but surface should last many years more.

Keeping the new surface clean

Regular cleaning with a wet face washer or microfibre cloth and some cream cleanser will keep the surface looking shiny and new. Be aware Guarantee will be voided if Bleaches and ammonia based cleaners are used because they will cause yellowing staining and will dull the surface.

Guaranteed to be a most durable coating.

Although the PourAglaze surface will give many years of service. Remember no surface coating is indestructible. So be mindful of possible damage from falling objects. And avoid harsh cleaning methods that may cause scratching the new surface. Finally consider that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays (too much sunlight) can cause yellowing of the new surface. Covering the window with a blind can reduce this effect. Now enjoy your new surface knowing it is one of the most durable resurfacing coatings in the industry.