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Put Life Back Into Your Bathtub

Bath Resurfacing

Bath Resurfacing vs Replacing

Bath Resurfacing will save thousands of dollars compared to replacing a bathtub. And the PourAglaze resurfacing system is faster, cleaner and cheaper. Yet retaining the durability of a new bath. Not to mention a full bathroom renovation is going to be a very messy and costly exorcise. Only necessary if you are re-structuring the whole bathroom. Which is never as easy as it seems, costing thousands of $$ in comparison.

Save time and a whole lot of fuss.

Bath resurfacing is the answer and the easiest way to make your bathroom look like new. Perhaps a mini renovation. And that is to simply tile over the existing tiles which is the cheapest and most active way to facelift the bathroom. Leaving the fixtures that are very hard to remove, such as shower trays and baths in position. Leaving the bath resurfacing for one of the last things to do in the mini renovation. Perhaps changing the tap handles maybe even vanity units and the toilet. Which can be reasonably economical to replace. Also tiles are very cheap to buy and not that expensive to have laid. Most of the time it is cheaper than respraying tiles believe it or not. Which is the main reason we don’t do tile resurfacing. Besides new tiles always look better than spray painted tiles. And is just as quick as respraying with the whole bathroom done in 2 days.

bath resurfacing last

Bath Resurfacing left for last.

Bath resurfacing is one of the last things to do after your mini renovation. Leaving only the silicone and possibly the shower screens for very last.  Re enamelling with our new pouring enamel is the best way to resurface your bath. Adding decades to the life of the old bath or shower. So give us a call now for the best Bath resurfacing solution. Without the hassle and expense of a complete bathroom renovation or messy spray painting.

Bath Resurfacing is good value for Money

So if the rest of the bathroom is presentable why go to the trouble of removing the bath? We can do the re enamelling of your bath for about $600 without messing with your fixtures. It therefor makes perfect sense to resurface your bath because it is good value for money and good for the environment. In addition the older baths are more solid. And therefor are worth restoring while the newer baths are much more fragile and often need resurfacing within a much shorter time of installation.

Bath Repairs with PourAglaze

Acrylic baths are prone to cracking if not installed properly and when they do PourAglaze is the answer. To do a lasting repair a fibreglass patch is the only way. Giving the bath renewed structural strength. And resurfacing with the pouring method adds a very thick layer of Ekople 2k which is a high quality  two-component, self-levelling polymer resin. Giving the whole bath added strength while beautifully covering the fibreglass mating. Making the whole bath harder than the original acrylic liner. The PourAglaze pouring enamel can be applied much thicker than any paint. Leaving a hard and yet flexible up to 5mm thick layer on the bottom of the bath where it really counts.

Chip Repairs

Chip repairs can be done on enamel and acrylic surfaces with an average price between $200 and $300 for more information call George on 0411 221 394

Claw foot baths

Pouring method

The new Pouring enamel is perfect for Claw foot baths. Because it is thick enough to cover the old worn out and scratched enamel surface. Without having to use too much bog to smooth out the imperfections before resurfacing . And the new finish looks very much like the authentic enamelled bath.

Also the re enamelling can be done onsite. Which saves time and money. Here are some finished Claw foot baths.

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