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Sydney Bath Resurfacing

Don’t Replace. Resurface.

If your bath, shower tray, or vanity basin is starting to look dated and unpleasant, give us a call! Pour-a-Glaze Bath Resurfacing are your bathroom resurfacing specialists. With years of industry experience and customer satisfaction, we can make your bath, shower, or basin new again.

How It’s Done

The Pour-a-Glaze pouring method is the safest and most durable way to re-enamel baths, showers, and vanities without the use of spray-painting. Once the surface has been properly prepared, the two-part product is mixed together and poured directly to the surface of the bath or shower tray. Our product is specially designed to self-level and leaves you with a rich, smooth, and new finish.

Because of the nature of this application, there is no dust or over-spray, no intense unpleasant odour and fumes, and no need for brushes, rollers, or spray-painting. Our methods mean you can have a new bath without the mess with a far superior finish. There is really nothing like it!

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You can take advantage of our personal service by giving us a call. It is always good to hear from you in person, however in this busy world communication has many forms. If you are more comfortable sending us a text or an email we are sure to reply as quickly as possible.

Local Representative: Thomas Shannassy
Phone: 0451 226 688

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