The new enamel for old baths

The PouraGlaze pouring method is the safest and most durable way to re enamel baths, showers and vanities. Without the use of spray painting. So out with the old messy spray painting system which leaves a mess to clean up and stinks out the whole house.

 Get a quote today and restore your bath with PouraGlaze Re-Enamelling.

PouraGlaze Re-enamelling

Now in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

PouraGlaze is the most durable bath, basin and shower resurfacing system.

Why the Pouring method?

The pouring method allows us to apply a very thick resin enamel coating. That is harder and more durable than other resurfacing system. More importantly it is much safer and cleaner than any spray painting systems. Because it is virtually odourless and creates no toxic fumes or mist. Even though it is relatively new in Australia it has been used in Europe for about 10 years. Since we have been using the system now for about two years in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It has become very popular in Hotels and apartment buildings. Because of the odourless application. Eliminating the need for open windows and extraction fans.

Quicker to Apply

Quicker to apply and more durable than standard 2-pack spray painting systems. This new enamel is a unique blend of resins and polymers and is specifically designed to be poured, not sprayed. This makes it the safer way to apply the most durable and highest quality enamel, making it the closest thing to the original enameling process.

This revolutionary new system is changing the way we look at bath resurfacing.

Resurfacing Baths, Showers, and Vanities

Save on Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation can be one of the costliest refurbishments in the house. However with just one visit from a Pouraglaze applicator, your bathtub, shower and basin can be restored to as new. Without removing any fixtures or plumbing. This will save time and money. Because it eliminates the necessity for a full bathroom renovation. You will be amazed at the result. So call now for a fixed price quote. Our fully trained professional applicators are ready to transform your bathroom. By bringing back the sparkle in your bathroom.

Suitable for All Bathroom Appliances

The pouring method is perfect for all substrates including cast iron, steel, and plastic bathtubs, vanities and showers. Resulting in a thick, rock hard, scratch and chip resistant new surface. But most importantly and uniquely it is a waterproof surface. (Unlike the spray painting systems that are only water resistant). Which is Guaranteed for 5 years but has a life expectancy of 20+ years. And that is a longer guarantee than what you get on a new appliance.

Although bathtubs are the most popular to resurface we also do shower trays hand basins and kitchen sinks. The new coating is in no way inferior to a new appliance otherwise we would not be offering a 10 year guarantee.

Call us and get a quote today and restore your bath with PourAglaze Re-Enamelling.


Please note, that we do not resurface tiles, kitchen cabinets or spa baths.

Bath Resurfacing

Bath resurfacing 1

We can resurface bathtubs on site. Without removal including enamel, acrylic and free standing baths.  Fully completed in one day.

Shower Resurfacing

Shower enamelling after 2

Shower resurfacing is our specialty, offering crack repair as well as full resurfacing .

Vanity Resurfacing 

Vanities, Kitchen sinks and Basin  repair and resurfacing.

PouraGlaze is changing the industry, but sometimes the spray painting system is unavoidable for instances in a spa bath or for tiles resurfacing. But we are always researching new products that may be able to resurface these other products in a cleaner and safer way. We’ll keep you posted.