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Vanity resurfacing

Vanity resurfacing is very popular these days.  And there are so many shapes and sizes. It is a little harder to set a price on them. So it is always helpful to see a picture of the item you would like to resurface. Vanity resurfacing comes up amazing with the pouring method. But some vanity tops are not possible so please provide a picture so we can confirm. Vanity resurfacing is cost effective as specially when done at the same time as a bath or shower.

Hand basin resurfacing

Basin resurfacing is a good way to extend the life of a bathroom. And when done at the same time as a bath or shower it can be very economical. Even though there are all different types of basins. Including hanging basins, drop in basins and under bench basins. And although most can be done beautifully and economically there are limitations. So please send photos so we can confirm. And remember our 7 year guarantee

Kitchen sink resurfacing

Kitchen sink resurfacing is possible with the pouring enamel because the enamel is very hard and completely waterproof. Able to handle much harsher treatment then other resurfacing systems. However the coating is not indestructible. So please use common sense.

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Now it’s time to recap. For Vanity resurfacing the pouring method is incredibly strong and durable. Also it dose not create dust, fumes and overspray. However it has limitations, because of the application. For instance if the bowl is semi recessed, we can not go over to the under side of bowl. Because the enamel won’t level out on the underneath. This is something we learned from experience. This is why a photo of the basin is going to clear up any doubt whether we can resurface the basin or vanity top.

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