Shower Resurfacing

Shower resurfacing and how we can restore your shower to as new. With our PouraGlaze pouring enamel called Ekopel 2k. Do you have a shower base that is looking too scary to step in? Well we can help make it look like new again with just one visit. Because our professional applicators can restore old trays and even repair cracks and remove unsightly mouldy silicon. Leaving you with a brand new looking shower tray

Yes that’s right your shower tray can be restored to like new with PouraGlaze shower re enamelling. Because it is by far the most durable of any resurfacing product in the industry. Best of all it is totally impervious to water. And harder, more Chip resistant and much more durable. And unlike 2 pack spray on coatings it will not peel even when suction mats are used.

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Shower Resurfacing example.

Why Shower resurfacing sometimes fails?

There are many reasons where Shower resurfacing can fail. But I will deal with just a few here so as not to bore you. Firstly the most common reason is coating thickness (that is to thin). When spray painting it is very easy to apply the coating too thin. Which can cause blistering  and peeling. There is a minimum  thickness required for the coatings ability  to handle the ware and tare of a bathroom environment.


Preparation of the surface also plays a big part. But assuming that most professionals are not going to make a mistake there. The other most common reason for the Shower resurfacing to fail is dripping taps or pooling water. This is more common than you might think in particularly in the newer trays. Water has always been the mayor reason for a breakdown in a resurfaced shower until now. But since the Pouring method allows us to apply such a thick coating. It even eliminates pooling up to 5mm deep. Leaving an impervious liner in the bottom of your shower. Unlike a spray on 2pack paint which is very thin in comparison. The new liner is not just able to prevent water from penetrating the surface. It is also fusing so well to the original surface. That it simply cannot peel. That is why we are so glad to be using this amazing new coating.

Cracks and rust

We can repair cracks and rust in the shower base. Because the coating thickness will cover even a fibreglass repair. Making it possible to repair and resurface showers that would have been impossible in the past with spray painting systems. The Pouraglaze liner is is an epoxy resin base. A hard yet flexible solid liner perfectly moulded to the existing surface.